Lilies of the Valley. Lunch at the Irish Rover. A lifetime (well, not yet) friend. Excellent coffee. A friend I gave birth to. Fellow professionals who are also friends. Breathing while sleeping.

And I get to do or see or be with them all today! How lucky is that?

Going to Louisville today and spending the night. Burglars please note–my husband will be at home with the pit bulls and alligators.

I dreamed last night I had been detailed to go to a shop and pick out a free kitten. I had been told to get a female, for some reason, though we planned to have it neutered, so I don’t know what the difference was. The only female in the litter was a smokey gray, which was nice, but one of the males was a marmalade and one was a calico. My husband is very partial to a marmalade cat, and I would LOVE a calico/tortoiseshell male–very rare. But I had to say no to our hearts’ desires and pick the one fate had dealt us. I wonder now if that was in response to a news story I was recently sent about China’s incredible imbalance of gender population because of a combination of their governmental one-child policy and an ancient prejudice against girls. Maybe in my dream I was prepared to accept and love the actual girl in the face of my own abstract preference. I do know all our girls are treasures beyond telling.


writing prompt: Put a character in my place–goes to get a pet with orders for a certain kind/one/color, sees another that’s more appealing. Does the character follow orders or not? How does he/she feel about that?