Last Sunday, Mom and I went to a reception for the Kentucky Opera Association. I took some pictures of the interior of the Brown on Broadway, where the productions have moved, but my PHD camera couldn’t handle the lighting. I’ll try harder next year. I think if I get the right distance and angle, I can get some nice snappies.

The pictures outside came out well, though, I think. Here is a picture of the top of a clock at 4th and Broadway, proclaiming it to be the Magic Corner. I don’t know about magical, but it’s certainly the windiest damn corner in creation. The clock is wonderful, though.

We were very early, having left time in which to be late and not having needed it. (There’s a sentence to diagram, if that’s your idea of a good time.) That gave us time to stroll along Broadway and see what was new and what was old. Here is a picture of a fine old building with a “new” building in the background. That high-rise trimmed in blue (or maybe green–a wee bit colorblind, you know) is The 800 Building. When I was in school, umpty-ump years ago, that was brand new and all the latest crack–condominiums!

Here is a picture of the Heyburn Building, I think. Check out the doo-dahs decorating it. Way cool.

And here are what we thought were random sculptures, but turned out to be bike racks. How cool is that? They’re all up and down around 4th and Broadway. We didn’t see one bike, but it was Sunday afternoon. There are probably a lot of them during the week, or on Friday and Saturday night. Way cool, we thought.

The reception was delightful. Jessica Schaap and Rebekah Bortz Hardin sang while we nommed sammiches and stuff. David George accompanied them on keyboard. Later, they presented arias and a duet from the fall season’s productions: Cav/Pag, Elixir of Love and Madame Butterfly. David Roth talked about the move to the Brown, which I love. He said the Kentucky Opera is the 11th oldest operating opera company in the USA. Go, Lou!

A fine time was had by all.


writing prompt: Write or outline a story prompted by one of these pictures.