Spring really has sprung! Look at all these beautiful flowers and trees, right around my very own house. Lilacs, Japanese maples, redbud, dogwood, creeping phlox…. I like just going out and snapping everything that shows up. I wanted to snap some bluets and spring beauties, but they were too tiny. My PHD camera just wasn’t up to the task. PHD is what my husband, an ace amateur photographer, calls it. PHD stands for “Push Here, Dummy”. One click and you’re done. He can adjust shutter speed and aperture size and all that jazz. All I can do is snap anything going and hope for the best.

The herbs are also coming up–most of them. The rosemary didn’t overwinter–it almost never does–and I have to get a new one. The basil and lemon basil would probably come back from the seed it dropped, but Charlie wants to do away with the planters those were in, so I’ll have to buy those new. The dill always comes up wild in the garden. Mint, sage and oregano are up in the porch-side planters. Yum-mum-mum-mum!

This week is going to be a bear! Busy every single day. Fellers, I’m wore out already!

Meanwhile–like I needed another project–I’m deep into the learning curve, trying to educate myself on how to put my own stuff up on Smashwords and the Amazon Kindle store. I want to put my Hot Flashes and the free stories on my web site up for free, then maybe an anthology of previously published and new stories up–for a price, Ugarte, for a price. Also attempting to teach myself some elements of design, so I can make “book” covers for them. Guess I’m not an old dog yet!


writing prompt: Does your main character ever notice nature? If not, what would make him/her do so? If he/she does, what would make him/her fail to notice it?