I’m scheduling this to go up later than this ungodly hour (7:49am). By the time you read this, Lori Lewis will be officially installed as our new pastor at Corydon Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Just so you know, it is NOT true that, the longer a church’s name is, the more snakes they handle.

Anyway, the search committee searched long and hard before they captured recommended Lori, and we’re all SO GLAD. She makes us all feel grounded and capable of continuing to serve the community.


After the installation–and meal, of course–Mom and I are scheduled to rush over to Louisville for some kind of reception at the Kentucky Opera to kick off the season:

Cavalliera Rusticana/I Pagliacci
The Elixir of Love
Madame Butterfly

Mom and I are just shaking our heads–that damn dumb Cio-Cio San never seems to learn about men. Maybe counseling would help.


writing prompt: Would your main character be sympathetic to a girl who fell for a heel, or scornful and rejecting?