Sad. I believe there are more mushrooms out there, but I can’t check it out. I’m allergic to something in the woods–something I didn’t have to touch. It finally rained, but then it turned cold, so the li’l ‘shrooms might not be popping up. Whether they are or aren’t, I’m sidelined. Yeah, I always take my cell phone and I can start taking my Epi-Pen into the woods with me, but I’ve had enough of that struggle for one year. We got enough to share and to dry some for later, so I can’t complain.

Mom and I went to Taste of Harrison County last Thursday. For a price, you got to go around and get tastes from various food vendors who set up tables near the hospital cafeteria. For the first time in several years, I didn’t cast my vote for “best food” for Harrison Health and Rehab. This year, Mom and I both thought Magdalena’s won it, hands down. They brought a slaw that even I liked–and I’m no fan of slaw. They also had a heavenly spinach/artichoke dip and bread pudding that actually tasted like something! Some people didn’t like it because it was pretty spicy–allspice, I think–but I loved it.

Well, I’m playing hooky from the Book Box, and have to get back and relieve Mom for a bit.


writing prompt: An allergy keeps a character from something he/she loves.