I’m guesting today at The Bluestocking Guide:

Come on up and see me sometime! My favorite book is THREE MEN IN A BOAT: TO SAY NOTHING OF THE DOG by Jerome K. Jerome. If you’ve read it, come see if I love it the way you do. If you haven’t read it, come see why this Victorian travelogue inspires such silly grins on the faces of those who love it. Come see why the word, “pineapple” causes prolonged outright laughter.

The book I’m giving away is SWORD & SORCERESS XXIII, an anthology continuing the late Marion Zimmer Bradley’s anthology series. My story, “Undivided”, is about a female warrior who is “rewarded” by being given a settled position and the responsibilities that go with it, responsibilities which she takes more seriously than some people expect.

In other news, my British son-in-law tells me that “mushy peas” does NOT mean “peas mushed up”.  It’s a way of preparing marrowfat peas, which are dried, rehydrated, overcooked and then…mushed up. So now we know.


writing prompt: What’s your character’s favorite book?