MomGoth Sparks o’ Joy, that is.

First, these guys popped out. They’re hyacinths, in case you don’t recognize them. Hyacinths always remind me of this poem by Medieval Persian poet Abū-Muḥammad Muṣliḥ al-Dīn bin Abdallāh Shīrāzī, also called Saadi:

If of thy worldly goods thou art bereft
and from thy slender store
two loaves alone to thee are left
sell one and, with the dole,
buy hyacinths to feed thy soul.

And, while you’re at it, how about a beer to go with that loaf you have left? Here is my favorite beer. I first had Killian’s Red at a science fiction convention where a couple of Canadians were throwing a bid party in hopes of having their Canadian town selected to host a Deep South Con. They pointed out that their town was in the deep south of CANADA. They also pointed out that purists could just travel south until they crossed Antarctica and the Arctic Circle and came back around south of the Arctic to Canada. They didn’t win the bid, but they won friends, and Killian’s Red won a lifetime fan. I like it the way I first had it–at room temperature.

On Saturday, Mom and I went to Destinations Booksellers in New Albany, Indiana and its café, The Dueling Grounds, for soup, sandwiches and literature. They have the BEST FOOD! Mom and I split a CheddarCot(tm): white cheddar cheese and apricot preserves. YUM! They must do something else to it than just that, because it’s sheer heaven. I bought Wendell Berry’s BRINGING IT TO THE TABLE, a collection of his essays about farming and food, a must-read for the locavores among us.

Sunday was Easter, of course, and Lori had an awesome message about not trying to take the Bible literally and getting tied up in knots over the disparities between Gospel accounts. She said the Bible isn’t about information, it’s about transformation; it’s about bringing ourselves to it to transform our lives and our relationships with God, others and the world. I’m so glad she came to work with us!

As always, getting together with Charlie’s family for their monthly gathering was a total joy. 🙂 Dolores made this wonderful spread/dip (I loved it, anyway–so much so that she sent the leftovers home with me–*danse-danse, danse-danse*).

Dolores’ Awesome Spread/Dip

Mix and nom.

I’ll be blogging tomorrow at Echelon Explorations and Fatal Foodies, so not sure if I’ll be here. But I’ll be there and there. So.


writing prompt: What did the Easter Bunny bring your main character for Easter?