Destinations Booksellers has free soup in their Dueling Grounds Cafe today while supplies last. We just go in and say, “Soup me!” Randy knows the way to my heart, and I’m not even a man.

Mom and I are going, and Ginny is going to meet us with my new media player. Wheeee!

Went mushrooming yesterday and got 15 mushrooms and two ticks. Ate the mushrooms. Drowned the ticks. Sorry, Buddha.

Having a lot of fun with the Uncle Phineas fan page at FaceBook. I figured out why he was hijacking my Twitter stream and made him stop.

Why I shouldn’t try to post first thing in the morning: Can’t think about anything but breffiss. Bye!


writing prompt: Does your main character eat breakfast? What does he/she eat? Don’t feel obliged to put it in the book, for goodness sake, just think about it for fun.