In preparation for the release of EEL’S REVERENCE, I set up a fan page for Uncle Phineas, one of the characters in the novel. I think I did it wrong, somehow, because all Uncle Phineas’ posts show up in MY Twitter stream! I think I should have set up a separate account for him or something…. If anybody can tell me how to fix it, I’d be much obliged.

Uncle Phineas is a reaver priest, which means he’s in it for the money and makes no bones about it. I thought it would be fun to post as that character and, when I asked my daughter which character of mine, in any novel, she would like to interview, Uncle Phineas was her surprising choice. She joined his fan page. 🙂

I’m eager to get out into the woods today to hunt mushrooms, but I’m currently tied to the house by laundry and by amanuensis detail: Charlie is expecting a phone call and he’s out working in the garden, so I need to stay in until — Oh, I thought that call was it, but it was somebody trying to send a FAX through my ear. Wonder who they thought they dialed?

My mother bought me an MP3 player yesterday that also displays pictures, videos AND ebooks! I don’t have it at the moment, since I’ve had trouble charging stuff through USB ports, and a friend took it home and is charging it for me. (Thanks, Ginny!) She’s also loading it with music for me. 🙂 (Again, THANKS!) When I get it back, I can put on some MP3’s that T and Sara gave me, one that my Dutch friend, Erwin, sent, and one or two of my own stories that have appeared as podcasts. 🙂 Then I can go to a wi-fi hot-spot and download some free ebooks! AND I’ll be able to read EEL’S REVERENCE when it comes out! *rubbing hands in glee*


writing prompt: What’s the first thing your main character would download to a device like mine? If your character is in the past, what would he/she choose if he/she COULD?