It’s a gorgeous day today, and I don’t have a thing on my calendar until this afternoon! I finished the edits on EEL’S REVERENCE for Echelon Press yesterday and it’ll take a couple of days for them to go over them and see if everything’s copacetic. So guess what I’m doing today?

Going to hunt mushrooms
Going to try to set up a fan page on FaceBook for Uncle Phineas, one of the mercenary priests in EEL.

I check the garden every day. The rhubarb is leafed up and the stalks are starting to lengthen. We usually have enough to eat by the middle of April. YUM! The asparagus isn’t up yet, but I’m looking for it. I saw some other stuff sprouting, but I don’t know what Charlie planted where, so I don’t know what it is. Not potatoes–not yet. I love to see potatoes coming up–looks like tiny green fists punching through the earth. SO COOL!

Charlie started kale inside a month or so ago and has the pots out on the porch to “harden off” before he transplants them to the garden. Our #4 daughter used to call seedlings “seed plants” when she was small, I guess because they were plants she watched grow from seed.

So I’m happy today. 🙂 The only problem is, I could enjoy browsing the woods, away from all contact, except that my mother worries that I might fall and be helpless out there (a reasonable concern), so I have to take my cell phone. Hmmmm….I could turn off the ringer, so I could call out but nobody could call in. Hmmmm….

writing prompt: Write a bit about a character who cares deeply about seasonal changes.