NEW FOOD! Well, not a new food, but a new preparation, for us. We love roast veg, so I decided to make that last night. I cut up carrots, red potatoes, sweet potatoes and celery. I would have done sweet onions and sweet bell peppers, too, if I’d had them, but I didn’t. Drizzled them with garlic-infused olive oil and sprinkled with Jane’s seasoned salt and preheated the oven to 450F.

Then I remembered something I had seen in the April issue of Martha Stewart’s EVERYDAY FOOD magazine for roasted cabbage. She says to cut the cabbage into inch-thick rounds, brush with oil, season with salt and pepper and caraway seeds and roast 40 minutes. I just scootched the other veg aside and put a couple of cabbage rounds into the same pan and baked at 450F. The very edgy pieces got crisp and a little charred, but even that was good. Fellers, this stuff was HEAVEN! Toward the end of the meal I notice that Charlie and I were both saving one last bite of the cabbage to finish up with because it was so good.

I also made a quick and easy dessert: Pulled some grapes off the stems and washed them (the grapes, not the stems). I put the grapes in little bowls and topped them with sweet whipped cream and then put a dab of marmalade on top of that. Tasted good, and it looked pretty, too.

Didn’t take any pictures, because I was too busy eating.

writing prompt: Was your character a picky eater? Is he/she still?