So I unwrapped my bar of organic tempeh and I downloaded a buncha stuff about preparing and cooking it from VeganCoach and I fixed it. I ended up doing something that’s a lot more fiddly than I usually do, but I got carried away.

She says you need to cook your tempeh before you cook it, so I steamed it along with some fresh green beans. Then I cut it into cubes and fried it in olive and sesame oil with some mushrooms and broccoli florets. Put all that stuff in an oiled casserole dish. In the skillet, heated some corn oil and sesame oil, stirred in 1 tablespoon flour and cooked it until it smelled toasty, added 1 cup veg bouillon and a splash of Kitchen Bouquet browning sauce (just ’cause I like it) and stirred till thick and bubbly, then stirred that into the casserole. Tossed in some smoked almonds and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and baked for 20 minutes. Served it over lettuce.

Result? Eh. I’d rather have tofu.

If anybody has any sure-fire delicious tempeh recipes, I’m up for trying them. Still have half a bar left.


writing prompt: Have a character try a new food. Impressed? Disgusted? Disappointed?