Charlie was away for lunch, so I defrosted one of those gummy flour cutlets I made, in an ill-advised attempt to return to ’70s Earth-Motherdom. I dredged it in seasoned bread crumbs, heated it through in a skillet and put it on a bun with mayonnaise and about half a head of lettuce. It was not totally inedible–indeed, I ate it–due mostly to the herbs with which I had imbued it and the freshness of the lettuce.

When I finished it, I got out the last two cutlets, defrosted them, and gave them to the dog. He was like, “WTF?” But he ate them. He still likes me, too. That’s a dog for you.

The other day, I came across a recipe for a sandwich filling which I liked very much, and have had a couple of times: cottage cheese, sliced olives and chopped pecans. It sounds kind of “…oh…really…?” but it’s GOOD, as a sandwich filling or as a salad.

Speaking of cottage cheese, I was telling my friend who came to lunch today about my family eating cottage cheese, jelly and mayonnaise. You put down a blob of cottage cheese, make a well in the center, put in a blob of jelly (grape, in my childhood memory) and top it with a little blob of mayo. Mix it up just before you eat it. These days, I usually use canned fruit instead of jelly, preferably peaches in raspberry-flavored syrup.

Now comes a month or so of antsiness, while I wait for the first sprouts to come up in the garden and for the farmers market to open.

No, it is NOT true that all I think about is food. Sometimes I think about Johnny Depp. Yes, I’ve seen CHOCOLAT, The Perfect Combination.


writing prompt: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever attempted to cook? What about your characters’ cooking?