And look who came to visit! We’ve watched, with envious eyes (name that reference) as other people’s have bloomed, but ours were in the bud up until yesterday, then they just popped. I took Mom a handful last night, and we got rather hilarious trying to find a vase suitable for flowers with short thin stems and heavy off-center heads. We either have very dull lives or very rich ones, depending on how you look at it.

I finished writing “Sledgehammer” and posted it for free at GoodReads. I posted on Facebook that I was between projects and wanted something to write about. Somebody suggested zombies v donkeys, somebody suggested bird v dog, somebody suggested the Lost Colony of Roanoke. So I used all of those. The result was…perhaps “interesting” is not too strong a word. The donkeys are named Nicolai and Gogol.


writing prompt: Ask somebody at random for a story idea and then write it.