Mom and I went ridge-running today–errands here and there, and we included a grocery run to Kroger, where I can get vegetarian stuff other than vegetables. I’ve tried seitan and tofu and love them both, so I got a block of extra-firm tofu and a small package of bbq seitan that’s supposed to resemble shredded some-kina-meat barbecue. I plan to use it to make tamales. I also got a package of tempeh, which I don’t think I’ve tried. This is a picture from VeganCoach. The bar I bought looks lumpier than this and has mushrooms in.

In the winter, I want MEAT. As soon as it starts to warm up, not so much. I start to crave veg in the worst way. I’m like a vegetarian zombie, lurching around the farmer’s market moaning, “Graaaaaaains! Graaaaaaaaains!”

Speaking of zombies, my narrator in “Sledgehammer” is holding his own against the zombies and wolves. He’s let the donkeys and Smudge, the parakeet, go on without him, in the hope that they’ll survive while he holds the attackers at bay. He tore the arms off a zombie and is beating the wolves off with them.

I’m going to church tonight for an Adult Study on varieties of spirituality and prayer. I don’t believe in the power of prayer to make things happen, yet I always turn to prayer when I’m really down or desperate. A weird thing to do, when I believe God (if God exists) already knows what’s going on and what I want to happen, and that what I want to happen will either happen or it won’t, and my praying about it won’t affect that at all. So prayer must do something else for me than that. Looking forward to maybe finding out what that is.


writing prompt: Does your main character believe in the power of prayer, or does he/she never give it a thought either way?