It was sky-blue and sunny, so I decided to go scout for mushrooms. I knew it was too early, but I wanted to check out the lay of the land and make sure I wasn’t missing any early guys. There were no surprises–no mushrooms.

Here is a picture I took on the way. Know what this is? Do you? Do you? Well, it’s rhubarb, that’s what it is. Don’t go ewwww, rhubarb is GOOD! Cut off the poisonous bit (leaves) and cut up the stalk and bake or boil it with sugar and MAN, it’s tasty!

I did come across a variety of fewmets, which I neither photographed nor researched. So if anyone ever says to you, “Marian Allen doesn’t know shit,” you can look them square in the eye and answer, “Indeed, I find she lacks the necessary intellectual rigor.” I bet that shuts them up.

Naturally, as soon as I got into the woods, the sky clouded over and a chill wind sprang up. That was God’s way of telling me to get back inside and work on my story. Narrator has fallen off the sledge into a pack of zombies mounted on pony-sized wolves. Oh, dear!


writing prompt: What would it take to get your main character into or out of the woods, depending on which he/she would rather be?