My husband and I went to Natural Bridge State Park for our honeymoon, and back for our 25th anniversary. It’s a gorgeous place, with a lodge on the river. Every morning we woke up to thick mist which burned off as soon as the sun rose. Now, whenever we have a thick fog, we call it a Natural Bridge day. This is one. The sun isn’t burning it off, though–it looks like it’s settled in to stay.

I took a picture of the playhouse. If you could see this in full size, you’d see that the picture looks grainy. It isn’t grainy, though–those “grains” are the flash reflecting from the water droplets in the mist close to the camera. Is that cool or what?!?

Mom and I actually don’t have any plans today! I guess I’ll work on a short story and/or marketing and/or my novel from NaNoWriMo last year. I’m getting my act together for the Almost Famous Authors Faire in Clarksville on March 27. I want to take some little giveaways to try to lure people into buying some copies of Sword and Sorceress XXIII. I was a bit overoptimistic when I bought copies for resale, and have a bundle of them left.

Well, the day has begun
and I must be gone.
My coffee and paper await.
It’s Friday and I
have fishes to fry.
I hope that your weekend is great!


writing prompt: What weather has strong connections to a memory for your character?