I went to Louisville yesterday, and then I went to a meeting in Clarksville. I was glad I had Mom’s GPS along with me, because the directions I had said to take I-65 from downtown Louisville. If you live or drive in Louisville, you know that you don’t take I-65 from downtown Louisville unless it’s maybe 3 in the morning, or unless you get on in Shepherdsville. The GPS lady wanted me to go that way, too, but the traffic was backed up as usual, so I breezed past. The GPS lady kept trying to get me to get off I-64 and find a way back onto 65, but I kept ignoring her suggestions until she gave up and took me through New Albany.

When I got there, it was way early for the meeting, so I went to a China Buffet for supper. MAN, was I glad I did! Look at part of what I got: Know what those long skinny things are? FROG LEGS! Hard to find good frog legs, but these were melt-in-your-mouth. Yes, Little Miss Picky LOVES frog legs.

I was also glad I went to this restaurant because they had this TREE in there. Not a real tree–a fake tree that they made for decoration. It even had fake roots suggested at the bottom, not just a slick pole with leaves stuck in the top. And there was all this Stuff in the leaves: silk butterflies, Christmas lights, a birdcage, tassels…. What a trip!

The meeting was a bonus. It was at the Clarksville library–one of the branches–the one over by the Greentree Mall. What a great library! The coffee maker didn’t work in the meeting room, though, alas. Joanna brought her home-made eclairs (she even makes the custard herself!) and I totally hogged out and ate two of them, plus a bit that #4 daughter couldn’t quite finish. No wonder I didn’t sleep well last night. But it was worth it!

writing prompt: What would you lose sleep for?