The prizes for the “Who Do I Think I Look Like In My Sleep Apnea Mask” contest are in! The two people who guessed correctly (I don’t care if YOU think I look like Darth Vader–I think I look like the beauteous Celeste, wife of Babar the elephant)…. I lost my place. Oh, yes: The two people who guessed correctly chose different Hot Flashes.

Here they are:

Hazelnut Coffee

Return Engagement

Especially for #4 daughter, who claims I always take pictures of my food, here is a picture of what I had for lunch yesterday. It’s Ramen/veggie soup.


  • Ramen noodles
  • veg–leftover, canned or defrosted and cooked frozen

Heat and eat.

Have a good one!


writing prompt: What is your favorite kind of weather? Different kinds for different moods? Do different kinds of weather PUT you in different moods? What music do you want to listen to in different kinds of weather?