Mom used to say this poem to me, which I think she got from her mother:

Spring has sprung,
The grass has riz.
I wonder where
The flowers is?

Well, they is here. I already posted pictures of the snowdrops and the crocuseseses. I went around snapping snappies of buds on this and that yesterday, but most of the pics were not good. You can snap a shot of a bud, but it takes a better photog than I am to capture the juice. Nevertheless, I got a shot I’m not too unhappy with of buds on the snowball bush. I also got down on the bricks to get a picture of soldier moss, and got one behind the playhouse of some spiky green moss. I’m uploading them to Flickr, and they should show up sometime today in my Flickr stream here.

And here is one of the sad remains of a wasp nest, which I think is extremely beautiful, in its way. Sic transit gloria mundi.

It’s supposed to rain here sometime soon and be warm, so I’ll be out in the woods later this week with my mushroom bag, a couple of cats and at least two dogs. It’s probably too early, but I’d rather be too early than miss any!


writing prompt: Go out and take a picture of something that catches your attention. Come in and write about it.