This is about Al, who has been banished to the basement for spreading his Precious Bodily Fluids around upstairs.

by Marian Allen

Al (The Incredibly Bad One)

Who’s happy now?
Who’s happy now?
Who’s purring big ’cause I gave him his chow?
Who couldn’t wait
Behind the gate
Until at least–let’s say–eight?
You broke my deep
REM sleep
Until I gave you some chow.
At seven A
You got your way.
Who cares that you’re happy now?

It’s clear and blue in the sky today, and supposed to get up to 60. We had a little sprinkle of rain in the early evening, and saw a rainbow! It was too pale to photograph, alas.

Hope your day is sunny and bright, in your world and in your heart.


writing prompt: A character has a clash of wills with a pet.