This may not look good to you, but it was good to us! Our #1 daughter brought us some multi-grain bread from a real bakery, so that’s what the bread is. Charlie loves hominy, and I’ve taken a strong liking to black-eyed peas. We both like this Waldorf-ish salad, so we were both happy campers last night.


  • apple, cored and cut into wedges, then pieces
  • celery, cut up
  • raisins
  • mayonnaise

Mix and eat.
(or, as the kids used to call it, homininy)

Heat oil in skillet. Add hominy and seasoning and heat through.

  • can of black-eyed peas, not drained
  • dash of oil or grease
  • ham bouillon or veg bouillon
  • chopped onion or onion powder

Put it all in a saucepan and heat through. Mish it up a little with a fork or potato masher. Simmer for about 20 minutes until the juice is thick and opaque. When it cools, it gets thicker.
Don’t forget to check in tomorrow, March 3, when D. B. Grady, author of RED PLANET NOIR, will visit! I DREAMED I went to visit a colony on Mars last night! I was all GoshWow, and saying, “I’m in space! I can’t believe I’m really, actually in space!” Then I said, “Duh! The EARTH is in space, too–I LIVE in space!” But it was still pretty GoshWow.


writing prompt: What would be a great place to go in a dream?