If you guessed, “Being a beautiful, balmy, sunny day with birdies chirping Disney tunes and flowers having tea parties,” you are WRONG!

It’s doing that cold white thing again. For those of you who are saying, “Whur’s this global warming you’re always crying about?” here’s a good article. Part of it says:

Weather is local and short-term. If it snows in the town where you live next Tuesday, that’s weather. Climate is long-term and doesn’t relate to one small location. The climate of an area is the average weather conditions in a region over a long period of time.

So now you know.

Happily, I don’t have anywhere to go or anything outside to do today, so I can just hunker down and relax. I finished the story I was working on and did some rewriting. Got a second beta reader going over it, then I’ll let it rest for a week or two and give it a final polish before I submit it. Might poke around on GoodReads, might try to set up an Amazon author page. *stretching lazily* Might just kick back and read more of JOURNEY TO THE WEST, which I am enjoying very much, indeed.

Went to visit #3 daughter yesterday, and found her younger son watching a cartoon. I was like, “Why isn’t this child doing something creative instead of sitting around, glued to the television?” Then I saw he was watching a cartoon of Journey to the West! I was all like, “Cool! There’s Pigsy and there’s Tripitaka…. Oh, no! Those guys stole his compliant rod!” So I gained all kinds of cool points. *grin*


writing prompt: Have a character bond with an unexpected person over an unexpected commonality.