It snowed AGAIN, so we got up yesterday to an inch or so and school was on a two-hour delay and the back roads (we live on a BACK back road–back roads call their mamas before they turn onto OUR road and call again when they’re safely off of it)…. I forgot where I was. Oh, yeah–The back roads were treacherous. But things warmed up, and the snow melted off and the sun came out. Happy ending!

I finally got to take my picture of the snowdrops. They hadn’t opened for the day, but maybe you can see their little buds. I love these guys–first flowers of the season here.

#4 daughter came over and we went to dinner and then to the Southern Indiana Writers Group meeting. Ginny brought a SWELL story for our upcoming FUTURE PERFECT: TENSE IN SPACE anthology!

So, all in all, it was a lovely day.


writing prompt: Create a character who keeps track of the time of year by what flowers are in bloom. A real TOUGH character.