The morning has closed in on me. It SNOWED last night, but Charlie says it’s a light snow, and shouldn’t keep me from doing what I need to get out and do today.

I’m trying to get the hang of Goodreads and trying to sign up for Amazon’s Author pages. Not enough time or bandwidth…. I guess this will be a go-to-town project. Shall I go to the coffee house, where the broadband is reliable, but I’m constantly distracted by the wonderful people who come and go, or shall I go to the library, where I can hide in a corner but the broadband is sometimes great and sometimes droppy? I dunno. I dunno.

I’m excited about D. B. Grady coming to visit the BLAHG on March 3!

Oh, gosh, I have to go eat something and then start the day. No rest for the wicked.


writing prompt: Have a character meet an author whose book he/she just read and enjoyed.