As The Pirate King says in Gilbert and Sullivan’s PIRATES OF PENZANCE, “for such a beastly month as February, twenty-eight days, as a rule, are pul-lenty”. I couldn’t agree more, especially this year. Last year was no picnic, but I think of it fondly because, even though most of the nine days we were without electricity occurred during the first week of February, it was during February that the power was restored. This year, it was just: cold. snow. cold. more snow. colder. snow again. thaw enough that, when it gets freakin’ cold again, the snow becomes icy. It’s warmed up enough long enough to melt almost all the snow, leaving everything squishy and messy, and now it’s going to get COLD again. Every year, Charlie says, “January’s almost over,” in tones of relief. Every year, I say, “February’s the bastard.” Every year, he says it isn’t. Every year, I say, “Mark my words.” Every year, he admits I was right–this year, but not usually. Every year, I say, “Okay, I got it this year.” The secret to a happy marriage.


writing prompt: What is your character’s least favorite month, and why?