To this very blahg! At last, something worth reading in this space!

Wednesday, March 3, author D. B. Grady will grace me with his presence. David is the author of short stories and essays, and his just published his first novel, RED PLANET NOIR. RED PLANET NOIR is a hard-boiled 1930’s-flavor PI novel set in the future on and around the planet Mars. When David announced he was setting up a blog book tour, I jumped at the chance to get him on here. Even though he knows I have a readership of one (hi, Mom!), he agreed. That’s because he’s a chump nice guy.

So mark your calendars and check this space on March 3. It’s actual content, so you don’t want to miss it.

In other “news”, the snow is finally beginning to melt. We’ve had a couple of sunny days above freezing, and it’s finally starting to show. Charlie has his truck parked directly over the snowdrops, so I don’t know if they’re showing yet. The crocuses aren’t in bloom yet–or not poking above where the snow is still piled on top of them. But we do have some ground showing, and that’s good.

Youngest grandson’s 5th birthday party is today. I think I’m going to make bread pudding for the grownups. I’ll let you know how that turns out.


writing prompt: If you could meet one author (living), who would it be?