We had a MOST delicious dinner last night, and it was ALL VEG. Not vegan, ’cause it had eggs and dairy in it.

One of my UK Twitter pals, @KJSmyling, gave me his recipe for British pancakes and, they being quite similar to crepes, I made some and used them like crepes. Worked out very well, indeed! While I was frying them up, I fried up some mushrooms, then added some frozen spinach to defrost the spinach and cool down the mushrooms enough to work with. Mixed in some shredded Italian mixed cheeses. Put a lump of this cheese/shroom/spinach (rhymes with Kucinich) stuff onto a pancake, rolled it up, and put it in a pan set very low. Continued until all but two pancakes were used and all the mix was gone.

Meanwhile, I had some canned cream of mushroom soup left (shut up–I like it) and some cream left over from our New Year’s Eve drinks. I thinned the soup with some cream and heated it up to put over the stuffed pancakes for sauce.

Charlie cut and cored an apple and left me half (he’s sweet like that), and I cut up my half. Put it in the pan I had used for the pancakes, added some sugar and cinnamon and butter and covered the pan and stewed it, stirring occasionally, until the apples were soft. Uncovered and turned up the heat a bit, stirring until the liquid was reduced to a thick sauce. Divided that between the last two crepes.

Had a can of sliced carrots, so I put them in a bowl, added butter, brown sugar and fresh local honey and microwaved until hot through. Drained off the liquid, mixed in a little cornstarch, nuked that until it was gummy, then stirred it back into the hot carrots, where it ungummed and made a glaze.

Took some more of the cream, added a little sugar, and whipped it. Put that over the apple pancakes and sprinkled with cinnamon.


As for Mom, she has icicles the way Jurassic Park had dinosaurs. Every time she has some good long ones like this, she says, “Perfect murder weapon. No fingerprints, and the weapon disappears.” I grew up hearing that every winter. Is it any wonder I turned out the way I did? So here are some pictures of my mother’s perfect murder weapons. She has a lot of them. She could go into business.


writing prompt: What are your characters giving up for Lent?