My mother and #4 daughter and I have spent many happy and many frustrating hours playing this game. Now let’s play it here.


Player #1 (that’s me) thinks of someone to be (that’s who I think I look like in my sleep apnea mask). Player #1 then says, “I’m somebody.”

Player #2 (that’s you) asks a question that can be answered with “Yes” or “No”.

Player #1 (me again) answers honestly.

Player #2 (still you) uses the answers given to his/her questions and the questions of any other players, then guesses.

For the purposes of this contest, you can guess as often as you like, and you can guess what somebody else has guessed.


Go to my Hot Flashes and pick one you like. The winner gets his/her chosen Hot Flash printed on something–I have to check prices with the printer to see what I can afford! Maybe a ball cap, maybe a mouse pad, maybe a bandana, maybe a t-shirt.

I had Charlie take a picture of me in the mask. Here is what the mask looks like on, to help you guess.


writing prompt: What is a game you play to pass the time quietly with a child, or what game/games did you play to pass the time quietly when you were young?