We’ve got so much snow, I keep expecting to see Yuri Zhivago bringing the mail. Last month, I was taking pictures of spring greenery, and now everything’s winter whitery. Bah. Bleh. Meh.

So poor old MomGoth had to look for some sparks o’ joy.

Back when I could get out of my driveway, I stopped by the square and took this picture of the Frank O’Bannon monument. I’ve been forgetting to take pictures of him: last fall, he was wearing a hunting cap, then he wore a Santa hat for the Christmas season. Now he’s sporting a blue knit toboggan. Anybody could be doing this, but I suspect his granddaughter, and she knows who she is.

Now I’m snowbound, but I’ve surrounded myself with joyful sparks. Here’s a lineup from the kitchen. My mother gave me the sweet tiny rosebush for Valentine’s Day. The cactus was a gift from Charlie’s aunt–yes, really–Charlie’s Aunt Ora Mae. The cactus was about the size of my thumb when she gave it to me. I’m very proud to have nurtured it to be so big. I can’t remember who gave me the critters hanging onto the sides, but they were people who love me. One is a hedgehog and the other is a turtle with a baby turtle on her back. I think Mom may have given me the hedgehog, or maybe our #1 daughter, and maybe #4 daughter gave me the turtle. Pat, my “bestest pal”, gave me the fabric apples in the bread bowl. She made the bread bowl herself. Pat is a writer pal whom I met at the Midwest Writers Workshop over 30 years ago. We’ve been corresponding ever since, first by snail mail and now by email. At the back is a gorgeous copper tea pot with a place underneath for a heat source. Sort of a samovar kind of thing. I never use it, just look at it. Mom and I bought it, I’m pretty sure, at this yard sale a guy in the old neighborhood used to have every so often. We got lots of good stuff from him, until his neighbors shut him down.

So happy snowy day, and don’t forget to enter my contest, announced yesterday and continuing until March 1.


writing prompt: Who does the snow make you think of?