I have my sleep apnea machine and mask, and I’m getting used to it. Charlie is glad I don’t snore any more, but he says that when I turn over to face him, the exhaust from the mask blows right on his head. Nothing is perfect, I suppose.

Anyway, I haven’t had a picture taken of me in the mask, because I have to wait and see if this one is going to work for me or if I need to switch out to another style. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the number of styles of sleep masks! When I went to get fitted for mine, I thought I’d wandered into a shoe store by mistake. “I want something in a black velvet Jimmy Choo with sequins on the strap. What do you mean, ‘no’?”

THE CONTEST: Guess who or what I THINK I look like in the mask. This contest runs through the last day of February, so you have lots of time to guess. You can guess more than once. You can guess something somebody else has already guessed. I haven’t decided on the prize yet, but it will involve a Hot Flash. Click on the link to go to my Hot Flashes, this year’s and the previous years’, and pick out one you want. I’ll do something with it for you, just haven’t decided what. Clues and stuff will be posted occasionally during the rest of this month.


writing prompt: Who or what do your characters think they look like when they’re asleep?