I’m at the library today, trying to do my stuff on a high-speed connection…and there’s something wonky with the library’s connection–keeps dropping. Sometimes, you just caint win fer losin. *sigh*

Okay, but I fixed my connection on my home computer. Here are some things I learned about troubleshooting on Linux.

Nobody at any help desk (other than a Linux help desk) has done more than heard a vague rumor of Linux, and then they think it’s some kind of high-level foreign car.

If somebody says to you, “Let’s delete your connection and create a new one,” say, “I’ll get back to you.” Then WRITE DOWN ALL YOUR SETTINGS. Saves a lot of hair-pulling.

See, first I couldn’t figure out how to remind my connection manager that I have a pulse phone and not a touch-tone phone. Then my friend T looked online for me while I clung, weeping, to the phone. She read me some discussion, and something clicked. The initialization string, in case you’re wondering, has to be ATZ and the dial string has to be ATDP for pulse and ATDT for tone. So now you know.

Then, my connection was too slow to do much of anything. Charlie’s, using the same computer, was FAST. I finally realized it was a setting problem (did I tell you this already?). Anyway, check the connection settings to make sure the modem is set to same speed as the connection, so the lines don’t get data in their throats and choke on it. It’s hard to do CPR on a virtual chest. I guess you could do the Heinlein Maneuver….

Anyway, here is a proof that my husband loves me: a path he shoveled from our front door to my mother’s front door, so I could walk up and visit with her. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day tomorrow to all!

Me, I’m about half-past ready for Spring.


writing prompt: Have a character show love for another character in a non-“traditional” way.