Charlie’s Firefox is running fast enough for him again, so the opportunity has past for me to get high-speed. Just as well, really, although mine is still slow: I saw in the business section of the paper (I certainly DO read it–lots of good stuff in there) that Google is about to roll out super-high speed in selected markets. So I’m going to limp along with what I have until I see how that goes. How awful would it be to be locked into a two-year contract with pretty darn fast and then have super-zoom come along? Yeah, I know, “Beast in the Jungle”, but still….

I have an appointment today to go get fitted for my sleep mask. I sure hope it does as well as it did in the test. I’m sleeping more poorly every night since the sleepover at the clinic, snoring more and feeling sleepier and more irritable. YES, that’s my apnea. Like J in THREE MEN IN A BOAT, I feel quite vindicated. Everyone thought I was just lazy and bitchy, but now we find that I’m ill. I hope everyone who ever called me a lazy bitch feels properly ashamed of themselves.

As I told #4 daughter on the phone last night, I wrote about three words on my story last night. At this rate, I should be ready to submit it to the Sword and Sorceress anthology in about the year 3000.

Not lazy.



writing prompt: What is your main character waiting for? Create a character in a waiting situation.