This connection is so bad, I haven’t been able to post to FaceBook or even to Twitter, except maybe once to each. This is gettin srs! Iz missin mai daileh lolcat ficks!

Been working on a story to submit to SSXXV, though, and that’s good. I copied out the resolution of the story, transferring it from the notebook I keep in my purse. I wrote out the resolution one day while was waiting for somebody, and now it’s tack onto the end of the working manuscript.

MICROSOFT WORD TIP: In case you didn’t know, you can split the screen, so one part of it shows one part of the manuscript and the other part shows another part. Useful for copying bits from one location to another, and useful for keeping your rough notes in one part of the ‘script and the part you’re working on in the other. Works better for me than having two files open.

I didn’t get to go to Louisville to have my lunch with Jane, but she called me and we had a nice long talk. We could have talked for hours, as we do in person, which is a pretty obvious statement, I guess, but my ears got tired of having a phone up against them.


writing prompt: Write a character who is snowbound with only one means of communication with the outside world.