Still snowy. Still something wrong with this frackin’ dial-up connection. *grump grump grumble*

Had to cancel SO many fun things this week because of the weather. Can’t do SO many things online because of the bad connection.

The TWN customer assistance lady yesterday, Ana, was major super double-plus-good, though. I hated to get off the phone with her. I bonded, I really did. She was so genuinely friendly and funny and kind and went WAY out of her way to help. It’s only because of her tracking down a working connection number that I’m on at all. When I get rich, I’m going to see if she’ll come to work for me as a personal assistant. Or, better yet, set her up in her own business and we can be friends and have lunch together and stuff.

Forrest, the neighbors’ crazy-go-nuts white dog, is here again. They try to keep him in a large fenced yard, but he likes it here and escapes whenever he can to come play with our black lab. They’re having a great time out there, romping all over. I don’t mind his being here right now, because I’m not going outside, though I hope he doesn’t interfere with the grandson’s sledding later. Forrest is one of those dogs who thinks people are holograms or something. He doesn’t knock you down on purpose, or even out of high spirits, the way our dog does, he just doesn’t understand why he can’t occupy the same space you do at the same time. They should have named him Quantum or something.

I need to go sit down and work on a story for Sword and Sorceress. I wasn’t in last year’s anthology, partly because I missed the frackin’ deadline, like a dope. The reading period is only a month, and it’s coming right up. It would help if it weren’t taking ten times as long to do my online stuff, but oh, well, that’s just an excuse, and a mighty poor one, at that.

No snappies again today. I tried, but it’s just taking too long to upload one.


writing prompt: Your character spends most of the day with tech support. Good experience, bad experience or mixed bag? Anything come of it, other than the resolution or non-resolution of the presenting problem?