I spent the morning printing out a couple of stories, writing cover letters, tracking down their most recent submission guidelines and making up the envelopes and returns for them. Two of the many science fiction/fantasy markets that DON’T ACCEPT ELECTRONIC SUBMISSIONS. ‘Splain that, Loosie.

Then Mom and I went to Lisa’s for lunch. Got there at about 11:30 and they were already out of the daily special. You have to go for breakfast to get lunch there. Here is a menu from Lisa’s. Observe all the reasons evident on this menu that I love Lisa’s. Good, solid, heavy midwestern food. Low, low prices. They write their menu on a whiteboard instead of printing it up and handing it out, because it varies. And they no hau 2 spehl. Sanwich is totally how I grew up saying the word.

We had some errands to do, of course, then we went to the grocery. Saw all kinds of people we knew. We love going to town–It’s always a social event for us. 🙂

Went home and unloaded the groceries, then went back out and picked up 9-yr-old grandson from school, mailed my submissions, and went to the library, where we checked out THE FRESHMAN, an old Matthew Broderick and Marlon Brando movie. Also Bert Parks. I’ve seen it before, but Mom hasn’t, and I thought she’d enjoy it. Crazy damn movie. 😀

Came home and played with grandson, made supper, ate supper, washed dishes–Oh, got a call from the sleep doctor saying he was ordering my equipment and I should be able to pick it up by the end of the week! Yay!

It’s supposed to SNOW again tonight and tomorrow. I’m supposed to go to Louisville Wednesday for two meetings. I’m betting I don’t get to go. More time to write, write, write and submit, submit, submit!


writing prompt: What are some non-standard pronunciations/spellings you remember from your childhood or hear around you?