Can’t access the internet from home for some unknown reason. I’m at church with my laptop. I can connect to the router, but can get NO signal. So I’m connected to the router at the coffee shop a couple of blocks away. The signal is weak, but it’s there.

The upside is that Charlie is so irritated with being unable to connect, he’s actually talking about getting high-speed. heeeee!

Sky clear this morning, but tiny sparkles of snow filtering out of somewhere. It looks like cheesy special effects, only pretty.

I have four stories ready to submit, but no reliable access at the moment to submit online or check the most recent submission guidelines. If the connection doesn’t heal itself by tomorrow morning, I guess I’ll go into town and go to the coffee shop for real.

Now I need to get off and write my communion prayer. I’m Bread Elder this morning.


writing prompt: How does your main character access the internet?