So we have to have six more weeks of winter. Does it have to be WINTER winter? I want to go to #4 daughter’s for my first-ever SuperBowl party tomorrow, and it had to snow?? It’s a heavy, wet, sticky snow, too, weighing down the trees and coating the clothesline. Great for snowmen and snowballs and sledding, though, none of which I do but all of which I enjoy watching my grandkids do.

I have to say, it’s beautiful.

We had a good supper last night: salmon patties (can of salmon, drained; dill weed; onion; egg; bread crumbs; mix, form into “burgers”, coat with more crumbs and fry), peas in white sauce (1 Tb butter, melted; 1 Tb flour, stirred in and heated; 1 scant cup milk, stirred in and heated until thick and glossy, add cooked peas and serve over salmon patties) and roast potatoes and carrots.

Now here is the best ever recipe for roast potatoes and carrots, left as a comment on this blog by KJSmyling:

Cut up your veg into wedges or whatever and put them in cold salted water. Bring the water to a boil and turn down to low boil for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, heat oven to 450F. Drain but leave veg in pot. Add oil (like extra-virgin olive oil) and seasonings. Cover pot and shake until potatoes are fluffy on outside. Turn veg out onto baking tray and put in hot oven. Bake about 30-45 minutes, turning if necessary, until veg is browned. Mmmm…crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside….heaven! Thanks, KJ!


writing prompt: A character really wants to go somewhere, but the weather makes it difficult if not impossible.