I’ve been asked which of our numbered daughters is which, so here’s who’s who:

#1 daughter is the one who works at the library.

#2 daughter is the one who has chickens and shares the eggs with us.

#3 daughter is the mother of our oldest (17) and youngest (5) grandchildren, and who claims I get the top bunk in the kids’ room when I’m too old to take care of myself. I would HAVE to be.

#4 daughter is the writer/editor who has turned me into a pro-football fan.

So now you know.

I refer to them by number partly for convenience, because people would ask me, “Now, is that your oldest one or your youngest one?” Nobody ever asks me their names. I also do it because, although some people like to have their names spread all over the internet (put your hand down, myself, and stop hopping around), some people don’t.

They’re numbered in order of birth, not preference. If I wanted to sort them by preference, I would Nanny Ogg them. Terry Pratchett fans know that Nanny Ogg had many husbands, some of them her own, and has numerous offspring and in-laws and grandchildren. She has pictures of all of them, of course, and the ones in good standing have their pictures in places of honor. Her relatives watch what they do and say (and give) in fear that they’ll come to visit and find their pictures in the cupboard or hanging in the privy.

But all our daughters are gems, so I have one picture of all four of them, and it’s in the front room, where we can see it all the time.

writing prompt: Give a character a passive/aggressive way to show disapproval.