"Onety-two, forty-lebben, sebbenty-squee--Reddy r nawt, heer ai comz!"

This is Ozzie, Mom’s #2 cat. She got a calico kitten, which she named Sweetie-Pie, but Sweetie-Pie was crazy-go-nuts, wanting to play. When she leaped from a flat stand and bit Mom on the butt, I said, “That cat needs a playmate.”

Then one of Mom’s friends said, “I’m going on vacation. There’s this stray kitten I’ve been feeding. Can I bring him over to your house to keep?” Mom said, “Sure.” She figured she could try Sweetie-Pie out with a friend and, if it went well, she could get a permanent one after her friend got back from vacation.

The friend got back from vacation and said, “I didn’t mean to keep while I was gone; I meant TO KEEP.”

So Mom had a second cat. Luckily, he and Sweetie-Pie are bestest friends, so it worked out great. His original name was Oliver, but that changed to Ollie and that changed to Ozzie. Or, you know, Ozzer or Ozzie-mapozzie or Ozimandias or, from Mom, Honey-Bun. Sometimes I call the calico Snickers and this one Dreamsicle.

Mom got these cats after Grandpa passed, but this guy’s favorite place to nap is on the lining of Grandpa’s coat, which is my coat, now. Grandpa would have loved that–he had a special rapport with animals.

MomGoth has so many little sparks o’ joy! 🙂 And the sparks show up brighter in the darkness, you know?


writing prompt: Write a paragraph about somebody who doesn’t like cats. Now write a paragraph about the same person, only make him/her like cats. What does it matter? Make it matter!