…something else that starts with D but means springtime.

I went to the sleep doctor yesterday and found that, yes, I have mild sleep apnea. So I have another sleepover next week to try out elephant masks to see which one I can tolerate. I’m looking forward to it, and I am not, as #4 daughter said when she was little, “speaking sarcasmly”. It’ll be an experience, and I’m looking forward to seeing if the mask gives me a good night’s sleep, as some friends who use it say they now do.

The doctor asked me, “They treat you well at the clinic?” I said, “Yes, except she made me go to bed and wouldn’t even let me stay up to watch Castle.” He perked up and said, “Oh, my wife and I LOVE that show!” Then we went into a fan call-and-answer routine about all the things we love about the show. 🙂

When I got home, #4 daughter was here, and we had dinner and then went to the writers’ group meeting.

I took pictures of what we had but it tasted better than it looked, so I’m not posting the pictures. We had Meatless Loaf, except I made it a little differently than that. I added some carrots to the mix, used multigrain bread instead of wheat, and added a little spaghetti sauce to moisten the bread. Put half of it in a loaf pan, put in a layer of whole green olives, Italian blend cheeses and sauteed mushrooms, then the rest of the bread mixture. Baked for about an hour, turned it out onto a baking sheet, covered it with more spaghetti sauce and cheese and heated till the cheese melted. Really good leftover, too.

We also had stuffed shells: boil the shells until they’re al dente. Oil a casserole dish with olive oil and then put in a thin layer of spaghetti sauce. Mix cottage or ricotta cheese and Italian blend cheeses and stuff the shells and put the shells into the casserole dish. Spoon spaghetti sauce over that. Cover and bake at 350F for about an hour.

So my mother finished with my camera, and I took some snappies of the first signs of spring. Greenery is coming up through the gravel of the driveway. The volunteer coral bell foliage is perking up, though it hasn’t greened yet.

On the one hand, I hate Spring because of the storms and tornadoes we get around here in the season. On the other hand, I love Spring because of the anthropomorphic courage of spring plants, and because there will soon be FRESH FOOD in our woods and garden, and because we have Storm Parties. Mom and #1 daughter and family come to our house when there’s a severe storm/tornado alert and we sit in the basement with kerosene lamps and snacks and talk and play games.

Well, here is one last picture. It looks like green slugs, but it’s actually the roots or corms or bulbs or whatever you call ’em of the wild iris patch in the front yard. Looks pretty ooey now, but I can see the flowers in it.


writing prompt: What does your main character think about Spring and why?