The Sad is that my friend also didn’t have her story accepted into the WARRIOR WISEWOMAN anthology. That makes me feel better about my own bejection BECAUSE if her story was turned down, the competition must be very fierce and the quality of acceptances must be very high, indeed. Her story makes my story look like…like…like a story that isn’t as good as hers is. She and I are already checking Gila Queen’s Guide to Markets for places to send our stories now.

The Happy is the coming of our new preacher. She seems like just what we need. We had more people at church today than usual, I do believe, and most of us actually wore our name tags, which we haven’t done for a couple of years. Liked her sermon, liked her manner, liked her presence. Happy to have her!!


writing prompt: Have a story sitting around? Look it over, edit it, if necessary, find 5 potential markets and start sending it out.