My online buddy Martin Bartloff sent me a free copy of his Young Adult novel, TORN FROM NORMAL, for ages 13 and up. I’m up. WAY up….  He has a blurb from J. R. Turner, author of DFF: Dead Friends Forever, a major YA series. Here is the quote from the book that’s on the back: “Happiness is a disease happy people suffer; I suffer my own diseases, but happiness isn’t one of them.”

I am SO totally hooked already!

To top it all off, he did the cover art and design himself. Show-off! (j/k, Martin!)

I flipped into the book and read a paragraph at random and it really reads beautifully. I’m looking forward to a good read.


writing prompt: What is your main character’s favorite novel from when he/she was a young adult? LITTLE WOMEN? LORD OF THE RINGS? DINKY HOCKER SHOOTS SMACK?