First thing: Chris V is featuring my fantasy/mystery story “Undivided” in her First Graphs post today on CANDID CANINE. No, that does not mean the story is a dog. Just go look, okay?

Thing Two: I had my new web site all fixed up and purty, and I did what the tech told me and copied all the files from the working folder to the folder in which I wanted them, and everything looked fine for a couple of days, and then it all went pear-shaped and none of the internal links worked. So now I have to go back over the whole thing, re-naming the links and re-inserting the pictures. *sigh* Is it a RULE that nothing is ever easy? Is it a LAW?

Third thing: I got a notice from Kiva microloans that they have a chance to win $1 million in some kind of charitable giving contest. They asked me to post this on my blog. Since I’m a Kiva giver, I’ma do it:

Kiva is a finalist in the Chase Community Giving contest to win $1 million in funding. Voting is open now and ends on January 22nd. To vote for Kiva, visit After adding the voting application on Facebook, you will be able to nominate “Kiva Microfunds.”

Now, I’m a FaceBook user, and I’m a Kiva supporter but, brothers and sisters, I’m not chump enough to give a bank access to my FaceBook account, so I won’t be helping Kiva do this particular thing.

I encourage you to go to Kiva and sign up and donate regularly (you can loan the same $25 over and over and over….), but add the Chase app at your own risk. It’s probably completely safe and non-intrusive and I’m just paranoid.

Kiva is good folks, though, for sure.

p.s. Don’t forget to look at my story on First Graphs at CANDID CANINE!

writing prompt: Is your main character on a social networking site?