Tonight is the night I have to spend the night at the sleep clinic to see if I have sleep apnea. Being wired up in a strange place and knowing I’m being monitored doesn’t sound like a recipe for a good night’s rest, but they assure me I’ll be fine. I’m not supposed to eat or drink any caffeine today so maybe I will. After a full day with no cawfee or chorklit, I’ll probably go down by 9.

They claim they’re going to wake me up about 6. If they have any trouble with that, I have a sure-fire method for it. They can go back in time and get a certain little blonde girl at about 3 or 4, put her in a pink nightgown, and have her stand at the head of the bed, just outside my line of sight, and have her stare intently at me. It never failed to wake me up, and it never failed to startle the wossname out of me. I called her The Little Pink Spook. Terrifying person.

See you on the flip side! If I remember, I’ll take snappies.


writing prompt: Wake a character out of a sound sleep.