I’m very pleased with and proud of my new web site. I’m re-doing my blog, too, having put a lot of the content onto the pro site. I looked at a lot of sites and decided to go on and take the plunge and put up a site that showcases my published work. If nothing else, it will encourage me to try to get more work published because I’ll get sick of looking at the same damn thing all the time whenever I check the site to make sure it hasn’t been hacked for someone’s amusement.

Went to the doctor yesterday and was told I’m a prime candidate for sleep apnea. I kind of hope I don’t get elected, though. I have to go to the sleep clinic this coming week and get hooked up to wires and then monitored while I sleep. It doesn’t sound altogether too restful, if you want to know the truth, but they assure me I will sleep. I’m supposed to wear something comfortable to sleep in, so I hope they have no objection to monkey drawers, because that’s what I’m wearing.

The doctor advised me to limit my driving until after I have the test, so I’m glad the test is so soon. No caffeine that day, which means NO CHOCOLATE as well as NO COFFEE, so boo-hoo for me.

Another adventure. Oh boy.


writing prompt: Is your character a professional or does he/she know a professional? Does this professional have a web site? Why or why not?