Weird day yesterday. Weird, because I ate out twice, and that just doesn’t happen very often.

Had lunch in Louisville with my friend Jane at the Irish Rover. We got fish and chips and a bleu cheesecake and split both. You know what fish and chips is (are?) but I’m here to tell you, the Rover’s are (is?) sublime. And the cheesecake– Oh. My. It’s bleu cheese on a walnut crust, warm, served with baby spinach leaves and vinaigrette and slices of brown bread. Heaven? I’ll say! I also had a half pint of winter ale, after which we staggered down the street to the Java Brewing Company for coffee and schmoozing.

I had a meeting at Highlander Point–well, across the road from Highlander Point–so I drove straight there from Louisville. I was sad to learn that A.J.’s there is closed. I hope their summer location will be open when the time comes. 😦

Since I was so early, I went to the Bean Street Cafe for a cup of coffee, which I slopped all over the counter and in a trail from the counter to my table. I cleaned it all up–I’m used to slopping my coffee. If you ever go to a used clothing store and find something with unwashable coffee stains, that’s probably mine. If you suck on the stain, you’ll be able to tell what kind of coffee I was drinking that day. Won’t that be interesting?

Anyway, I got some work done on my new web site (it’ll be up soon–I hope), then I went down to Beef O’Brady’s at Floyd’s Knobs for dinner and the meeting.

I had chicken wings in Teriaki sauce and curly fries. When the waitress said “curly fries” I thought she said “chili fries” and got all excited, so imagine my disappointment. The food was good, though the wings were a lot sloppier than I hoped they would be. It’s hard to appear businesslike while you’re licking sauce off your elbow, but a person has to set priorities.

We were supposed to be in a private room, all quiet and PRIVATE. Did I mention this was promised to be a private room? It was an alcove that opened on the same hall that contained the toilets and the games. They had wi-fi access, but the only electrical outlet was behind a wall-wide bench. About half-way through our meeting, they seated a party of about 15 in the same room–er, “private” means what, class?–with us. The meeting broke up early, and we were not happy campers. We won’t be meeting there again.

Oh, and the waitress told me they had Killian’s Red Ale, but they didn’t. So I got decaf coffee. The waitress was great, I thought. But we still won’t go there for a business meeting again.


writing prompt: Send a character to a business meeting that goes weirdly wrong.