Got up this morning, cold and rushed. It was so cold, I snuggled in bed later than I should have, and then I had to hurry to get everything done in time. Breakfast did NOT go as well as hoped. Tasted okay, but not what I had envisioned. I’ve been told that my spirit animal is the giant land turtle, and I do like to take my time with things. Anyway, could have been nicer.

Then Charlie peeled an orange and gave me half.

That just says it all. In case it doesn’t communicate itself to you, let me break it down.



Charlie peeled it and gave me half.

On a cold day, the smell of an orange means bright and special and warm. The taste means health and happy. Someone else peeling it means luxury. Someone giving you half of something he worked to achieve means loved.

A wonderful way to start the day. 🙂


writing prompt: What means all these things to your character?