This is my Fitness Center. This is why I want that Virtual Reality helmet so I can be somewhere else while I walk. I thought, “I can use the time on the walker to think about stories I’m writing or want to write,” but the kind of story, so far, goes like this:

[oooey music fades in and out, while the picture waves, indicating a transition from reality to imagination]

“It was MY weight!” Charles screamed. “We were happy together! But I lost it–lost it to YOU!”

“Fiend!” I screamed in return. “Fool! If you wanted to keep it, you should have cared for it. It came to me of its own free will. Besides, I’m trying to rid myself of it. I never wanted it. I’m walking! See, I’m walking!”

He ground his teeth in rage. “And what about your grammar and spelling?” He growled like a cur. “What about that? Are you going to stop saying things like, ‘Whar mai hat iz at? O, dere mai hat iz at–whai you is dere, hat?’?”

“For the love of God, Professor….”

[oooey music and wavy picture, and I am back on the walker, alone]

Exercise time is not pretty, but it’s a damn sight prettier than me in a bathing suit.


writing prompt: Does your main character need to lose weight? Does he/she care?