I got the last of my tests back from the doctor, and they’re all negative, so I’m good to go for another year. The better news is, I was scheduled for a mammogram and they had to reschedule because the machine broke. So I get to go another week or so before experiencing what a frozen beef patty feels like. I don’t know who broke the machine, but I’d like to shake that woman’s hand. She’s totally blown her secret identity, but life is like that sometimes. I mean, pecs of steel.

It’s snowing like a big dog out there today. When I got up, there was just a half-inch or so, and the snow was sifting straight down. The flakes are bigger and coming down faster and have a little wind on them. It looks like it’s settling in for a long, slow, steady accumulation. Go on, big dog, snow! I went to the grocery yesterday and have plenty of potatoes, so I’m ready to hunker down and wait it out.

I’m making soup out of the bones of the chicken I cooked in the crock-pot the other night. I’m going to boil the bones, pick them apart to give the icky bits to the dog, throw the bones away, and salvage any scraps of meat for the soup. Then I’ll cut up some celery and carrots and mushrooms, or maybe I’ll sauté the mushrooms in butter and add flour to make a cream sauce, then add that to the broth. Looking forward to it, anyway.

Stay warm!


writing prompt: Give a character a good or bad doctor’s report, then send him/her out to play in the snow.